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Welcome to the book podcast, sponsored by the Jared Rimer Network. This podcast is different than other book podcasts. Other book podcasts may have interviews of authors, multiple books per podcast discussed, or both. Some people may like those podcasts, but maybe people will like this podcast as well. That may be fine for some, but this podcast is different. This podcast will have one book that is read to completion and then talked about. The Jared Rimer Network will release podcasts when time allows. This may be once a week, once a month, you never know. We won't release every few days like some podcasts may.

Why did you start this podcast?

The reason why I wanted to start this podcast is because the National Library Service for the Blind announced in July-August, 2012 of their Braille Book Review magazine that they were moving web braille books over to the BARD web site, which forced me to sign up for BARD and get a talking book player. I then found books of interest I wanted to talk about, but the podcasts I currently run don't hold room for all of the books read. Therefore, I've decided to create this podcast so there is one place to post podcasts.

Braille Book Review can be read in HTML or plain text. Digital copies of the braille files mentioned in braille book review are available through BARD. Talking Book Topics is also available online and lists the digital books starting with the July-August 2012 issue.

Also, in 2012, the National Library Service has started publishing their older titles on BARD and cartridge when possible as their move for cassette distribution slows. They also stopped making cassettes of the newer titles, so a digital player is necessary to listen to them. Cassettes may not stop completely for some time, as there are thousands of books needing to be converted. Please check with your library for more info on the transition.

Podcast goals

The goals of this podcast are simple. Allow listeners or non-listeners to submit podcasts of books they have read through a web interface or by telephone. Time isn't an issue on this podcast. The book title, and author must be included in the audio as a minimum. Some of the books referenced may have appropriate book numbers so you can look them up especially if it comes from Learning Ally or NLS. If so, you may reference these in your audio.

Another goal of this podcast is not to limit the submission of books. This podcast allows listeners to cover the same book multiple times, especially if it is covered in one podcast, but someone else wants to put their input in it. For example, if Jared decides to cover a book, and Janet wants to cover it because she read it later on, she can submit a podcast of the same book and it can then be featured on a podcast. If someone reads a book after hearing any review, they can even submit. The Jared Rimer Network will try to indicate other podcasts in which the book was covered for your convenience. This may not always be possible, but we'll try.

Some podcasts may limit one book per person, and will reject submissions of that particular book based on some rule stating that it was already podcasted. That doesn't make sense, does it? People come and go on podcasts, and a rule like that will never be enforced on this podcast. The JRN understands that people may want to submit, and the goal is to accommodate as many as we can without enforcing too many rules.

We know that books may be available in multiple places, so if you are blind and we reference NLS or Learning Ally material, it is only one place in which you can get it. We want this podcast to be about any book that sighted or blind find interesting. I only reference NLS because that is how the podcast was inspired. I hope people submit books that may be found on other places like Amazon, reading services, or other book agencies that supply audio, print, or braille materials. I'm trying not to make this a blind specific podcast, so please keep that in mind. When we reference a RC, BR, or DB number, these are NLS specific numbers which patrons can use. The podcast titles will only have the book names in their entries, as well as the author. This way, you can search on any source and find it that way, especially if you are sighted and find a book we talk about interesting.

We understand that not every title will include any designation of sex, violence, or language. While NLS does do that, Amazon, and other places may not. The Jared Rimer Network can't be held responsible for this fact, and we advise to proceed with caution. If you feel the description on the web site you find doesn't include this, and you want to include it in your audio, please do so.

How to submit to this podcast

To submit a review, please go to our page. If you prefer to do audio, please send your audio file to Jared Rimer through the Jared Rimer Network Send Space drop box File Sharing facility and in the description field, write at least the book title and author. Your E-mail address will NOT be required in the form to submit to him,, but if you want people to contact you, then please include that in your file. You may also call 832-999-8989 to listen to the podcast or an audio description of this podcast respectively.

Adult warning

This podcast may contain adult content, depending on the book and our thoughts. Those podcasts which do contain adult content will have a disclaimer at the beginning of the podcast. Adult content is described as strong language, violence, or descriptions of sex.

Note, I'm not going to ask users who submit reviews to put a disclaimer in the podcast, unless they want to. It is the podcast owners job to notate that in the podcast in which the reviewer is in. This means that each review is listened to so that we can determine if it is good, and to determine if any type of disclaimer is necessary for our listeners.

Listening to this podcast

This podcast will be available as a download through this web site on our downloads page. It will also be available via the RSS feed as well. By telephone, you may call 832-999-8989. Full contact information will be made available on our contact page.

Our announcement list

We recently launched an announcement E-mail list which listeners and contributors can subscribe to get announcements of blog posts and podcast announcements. This way, you don't need to use RSS unless you want to. You may go to the Books announcement list to learn more and to subscribe. If you have trouble, please contact our team through the contact page, and someone can give you a hand. Please let us know which E-mail address you'd like subscribe so we can take care of it.

Our Blog

We've had a blog for awhile. It posts podcast announcements as well as books posted from Bard from the day. We also post books we're reading, and may post more information on books that were submitted as part of the podcast reviews. We have categories for everything, so check out the blog at any time and feel free to comment on anything you read. You do not need an account to participate on the blog.


The Jared Rimer Network may refuse to post your audio review for any reason we see fit. The comments within the audio reviews are those of the Jared Rimer Network, its staff, guests, or contributors. You may not hold Jared Rimer, the companies he represents, our contributors, or the places where the books are gotten from responsible for any content within this podcast.

The content of the podcast and accompanying pages may have adult concepts, such as violence, strong language, or descriptions of sexual situations or concepts. The blog is a text representation of what the audio podcast contains, and we make no recommendations that anyone under the age of 18 should read specific books not recommended for them.

This podcast is part of the Jared Rimer Network. All permission has been granted by the contributor to have their content aired on this network. Each contributor has a right to privacy. You may not harass the network for contact information that is not made public either by the network or by the contributor of the podcast.

There is a public contributors page, please use the contact information there for any contributor. If it isn't listed there, they didn't make it public, or they didn't want it listed.


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